Cassandra Final Scene from Act I

Cassandra Act I: FInal Scene The Trojan seeress Cassandra, having refused the sexual advances of the god Apollo, was cursed to know the future but unable to persuade anyone to believe her prophecies.  Prior to this scene, she predicted that Troy will lose its imminent battle against the Greek forces.  But the community ignored her, preferring to believe a sanitized version of the prophecy delivered by Cassandra’s brother Helenus, who conveniently omitted the negative outcome. 

In the first portion of this scene, Cassandra and Helenus watch as Queen Hecuba leads Brie, Chris, and other Trojan citizens onto the stage in a ceremonial processional to implore the gods for victory.   The second portion is a quintet in which the principal characters offer differing perspectives.

Archival recording from the 2019 production by students in the Department of Music and Dance, Swarthmore College.