• Cassandra: chamber opera in two acts, 2019. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.

Audio clip from Cassandra: Setting: aboard a Greek ship during the Trojan wars. Cassandra, a prophet from Troy, is a captive on a ship commanded by the Greek warrior Agamemnon. She mourns for the lost Troy of her childhood, a city that no one will ever see again.

  • A Scandal in Bohemia: chamber opera in two acts, after a story by A. Conan Doyle, 2008. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.

Setting: London, 1880’s.  After discretely following the singer Irene Adler through the streets of London, Sherlock Holmes is unexpectedly pressed into service as a witness as she is married to her lawyer, Godfrey Norton. Audio clip from Scandal in Bohemia

  • The Royal Singer, a chamber opera in one act for children, 2015. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson, after a scenario by Stephen Russell.

Scene 2: Professor Song (Kimaya Diggs) tells of the long ago time when she did not succeed at the competition to become the Royal Singer. Audio clip

Finale: the Royal Chorus embraces the joy of singing together.  Audio clip

  • The Black Swan, chamber opera in two acts after the novella by Thomas Mann; 1996. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.

Setting: Düsseldorf, Germany, 1920’s.  Rosalie von Tümmler, her daughter Anna, and Ken Keaton, a young American, admire the famous swans in the moat at Holterhof castle.  Later, while exploring the ruins, Rosalie and Ken find each other in a kiss. 

Audio clip1 : Trio;  Audio clip 2: The Kiss

  • Prologue, Ciappelleto’s Scene, and Interludes for Decameron, a chamber opera after Boccaccio, 2010. Libretto by Karen Saillant.

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