• Cassandra: chamber opera in two acts, 2019. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.
    • Audio clip: Aria from Cassandra: Setting: aboard a Greek ship during the Trojan wars. Cassandra, a prophet from Troy, is a captive on a ship commanded by the Greek warrior Agamemnon. She mourns for the lost Troy of her childhood, a city that no one will ever see again. (Archival recording:  Cassandra: Shelby Billups; Music Director: Shira Samuels-Shragg.  Orchestra: students in the Department of Music and Dance, Swarthmore College.)
    • Click here for video and synopsis of the complete opera
  • A Scandal in Bohemia: chamber opera in two acts, after a story by A. Conan Doyle, 2008. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.
  • Sukey in the Dark: chamber opera in one act, 2001; revised 2016. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson
    • Audio clip: Aria from Sukey in the Dark This opera is a modernized version of the myth of Eros and Psyche. Eros has married Psyche, (“Sukey” in our version), but he comes to her only at night and never permits her to see his face. In this aria, Sukey sings to Eros that she yearns for their marriage to emerge from darkness.  Audio from the Peabody Chamber Opera production with soprano Madeline Huss in the title role.
  • The Black Swan, chamber opera in two acts after the novella by Thomas Mann; 1996. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson.
  • The Royal Singer, a chamber opera in one act for children, 2015. Libretto by Nathalie Anderson, after a scenario by Stephen Russell. Audio of Scene 7: Finale.
  • Prologue, Ciappelleto’s Scene, and Interludes for Decameron, a chamber opera after Boccaccio, 2010. Libretto by Karen Saillant.

Sheet music is available through SubitoMusic.com.